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“Yes – I thought I saw a spectre at your shoulder.”

DIRECTOR: Terence Young

CLASSIC SCENE: Having been assigned to Nassau to investigate the disappearance of a Vulcan bomber carrying two nuclear bombs, secret agent oo7 (Sean Connery) makes contact underwater with his only lead, Domino (Claudine Auger) – the beautiful sister of the intended pilot of the stolen nuclear load. Discovering Domino is kept a close watch on by her ‘guardian’, millionaire adventurer Emilio Largo (Adolfo Celi), Bond decides to investigate further by visiting the casino at Café Martinique…

BOND: Banco (Bond plays 8. Largo loses the hand and passes the shoe)

LARGO : Someone has to lose.

BOND: Yes – I thought I saw a spectre at your shoulder.

LARGO: What do you mean?

BOND: The spectre of defeat – that your luck was due to change.

LARGO : We’ll soon find out. Any objection to raising the limit -- £500 shall we say?

GAMBLER: Too big for me!

VARGAS: Count me out.

LARGO: (to Bond) Perhaps you’d like to take the shoe. My friend won’t mind, mister…

BOND: …Bond.

LARGO: Oh yes – Mister Bond. One of my associates spoke about you.

BOND: Nothing bad I hope. It’s your spectre against mine.

LARGO : You wish to put the evil-eye on me – uh! We have a way to deal with that where I come from. (Largo gestures, pointing ‘devil fingers’ at Bond)

BOND: Well you may hex me let’s see what it does for the cards.

LARGO : (declines another card) No.

BOND: (plays) Seven.

LARGO : (plays) Six! (plays) Eight.

BOND: (plays) Nine.

LARGO : You seem to be unbeatable Mister Bond.

BOND: No – for the moment this kind of thing can’t last.

DOMINO: Emilio you promised to buy me a drink.

LARGO : Soon my dear – I want to get my money back first.

BOND: May I be allowed to buy the lady a drink.

LARGO : I would appreciate that. Thank you.

BOND: Then I must pass the shoe.

LARGO : Banco!

(Bond leaves the gaming table accompanied by Domino)

DOMINO: He’s going to be impossible if his luck doesn’t change!

BOND: Somehow I don’t think it will tonight.

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