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Brosnan Is Our Bond

Exclusive from: Empire Online get the word from Eon - Here's their report:

Readers have been emailing us all week about the state of play on Bond 21 following an article in the Daily Mail which quoted a source at Eon Productions as saying that Brosnan's contract to play 007 wasn't being renewed for Bond 21. The status of the Bond film was further confused this weekend when the website Latino Review spoke to MGM who said that the rumours weren't true at all.

Eager to put the matter to rest once and for all, Empire Online spoke direct to Eon Productions this morning to find out just what was going on. And let us tell you – they're not happy bunnies there at all. 'All these rumours have come from a newspaper who quoted someone at Eon when they haven't spoken to anyone here,' complained Eon's Publicity Manger Catherine McCormack. 'For now, Pierce Brosnan is our James Bond. We haven't made any statement to say he isn't our James Bond.'

'It's so difficult to comment,' she went on to say, 'when we don't have a script or even a start date.' So has Brosnan signed a contract with you, we asked. 'He signed an initial three contract deal with us,' she explained, 'and from then on it's on a film by film basis. So he hasn't signed one yet.'

So there you go. They don't have a script. They don't have a start date. And as of this morning, Eon doesn't even have a signed contract with Pierce Brosnan – but that's apparently completely normal for this stage of film production. Just so you know.

17th February, 2004