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Brosnan's show goes on

Brosnan did not disappoint the première crowds
Pierce Brosnan has attended his new movie première saying it was nearly cancelled due to impending war with Iraq.
Brosnan delighted fans in London's Leicester Square by pressing ahead with the event at the Odeon West End cinema.

"There was a point where we thought we could cancel but it's very difficult to cancel an event like this," said Brosnan.

"And on St Patrick's Day we have to celebrate a movie that will touch people's hearts."

Brosnan has both produced and taken on the lead role in the film, which tells the tale of a father-of-three who takes on the church and court system in 1950s Ireland - and wins.

Pierce Brosnan
"I really loved the character of Desmond Doyle and knew I wanted to tackle the role," said Brosnan.

"There were so many emblems in it that had meaning in my life."

The true story behind Evelyn is based on a groundbreaking Irish 1953 court case in which Desmond Doyle took the Minister of Education to court.

Doyle was challenging the contention that he was unfit to bring up his children after being deserted by his wife.

The children - daughter Evelyn and her two younger brothers - were taken into care where they remained until Doyle's fight brought about a change in family law.

Brosnan says the movie struck a chord with him.

"As a man and father and someone who feels very passionately about certain things, I identified with Doyle, and I know roles like that don't come around often," says Brosnan.

"I was excited to jump into Desmond's shoes.

"This man had the courage to stand up and say that what was being done to him was wrong.

"Every person should be able to fight for their family."

"I'm deeply proud of the picture," he added. "I'm deeply proud we made it and every man and woman in it shone brightly."

The film had been on the cards for a number of years after Desmond's daughter wrote a synopsis that was then turned into a script.

She heard many times over the years that it would eventually become a movie but began to have doubts until she received a call at home from Brosnan himself.

The script had been with Brosnan's production company - Irish DreamTime - for six years.

"I thought someone was winding me up," said Evelyn, who was at Monday's screening.

"He said he wanted to play my father. I was so excited. It was wonderful to have a man like Pierce Brosnan playing my dad."


Brosnan said he and business partner Beau St Clair accepted the script because it excited them.

"We formed Irish DreamTime to make movies that interest us. They don't necessarily have to be Irish, they just have to excite us.

"When Evelyn came along, it fitted the bill exactly.

"What inspired us was the David and Goliath element of the story.

"Doyle went up against what seemed like insurmountable odds - and he won."

The film - which also stars former ER star Julianna Margulies and Sir Alan Bates - opens in cinemas on Friday.