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Die Another Day
A thrilling pre-credits sequence finds Bond as brazen as ever, walking single-handed into a military base and posing as a diamond smuggler. Though when his cover is blown he's forced to fall back on his regular plan of causing as much mayhem as possible. This stunning and exhilarating sequence climaxes with Bond in the hands of the bad guys, a situation that continues to develop through the credit sequence. Flash forward 14 months and he's still there, be-draggled and unshaven, though still with that 007 sparkle in his eye. His sudden release back to his own people causes problems, they don't trust him and who can he trust, who blew his cover back at the military camp? His pursuit of the unknown villain leads him to Cuba where he comes across American secret agent Jinx (Halle Berry), who's also looking for the same people. From there the trail leads to industrialist Gustav Graves, a super rich playboy with an ever-expanding business empire. A man who might not be what he seems and he certainly sees to have a violent dislike for Bond. Director Lee Tamahori brings a sharper edge to the Bond series, while Brosnan now has the role down perfectly, Toby Stephens excels as the villainous Graves but it's Rosamund Pike who steals the film as the frosty undercover M15 agent with a secret. Watch out for references to all 19 other Bonds spread out through the film.
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